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2001. This note is a previous version of the paper "After balance of powers diplomacy, globalizations' politics". It is published in the SSRC website. (December 2001).

2000. Globalization is the present stage of capitalism, globalism, the ideology that assert the loss of relevance of the nation-state. (Intervention in the 15th sesseion of the Group of Experts in Public Administration and Finance. United Nations, New York.

2000. From civil servants as from politicians it is asked that they have republican virtues. And often they do. (Paper in United Nations Report)

2000. The left in Latin America is identified with nationalism the region lacks a modern left. Policy-Network, www.policy-network.org/, December 2000.

1999. The confusion between science and moral. (Speech at the World Conference on Science Budapest, June 1999)

1998. With Yoshiaki Nakano. It is misleading to attribute economic difficulties to politicians and bureaucrats, since incompetent and self-interest policies decided by economists are also responsible. This is more so when the country misses an effective social contract. Portuguese version available. (Paper in edited book by Ducatenzeiler and Oxhorn)