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3.5.21. Yes, I refer to the new privatizations of airports and roads. Monopolist infrastructure that never should be privatized. But they are, so that the rentiers my rise prices and reduce the quality of the services. (Note in the Twitter and Facebook)

1.1.2021. José de Souza Martins: ""O 'eles' que existe em nossa cultura desde quando tentamos nos tornar brasileiros, foi sendo inventado por nós mesmos. Foi fácil ocupar o nosso jardim e, depois, matar o nosso cão e convencer-nos a cuspir em nossa cara o desprezo pelos nossos sonhos e pela solução de nossas carências." (Tweat)

8.10.2019. The sale of state-owned companies to foreign counties is assuming an incredible dimension. It is a country for sale. (Note in the Facebook)

20.11.2018. The relation between the imperialism of the powerful and the dependency of the weak countries, and their dependent elites, as is the case of Brazil.

2013. To develop the latecomer countries had to be nationalist and developmental because they faced the imperialism of the first countries that industrialized and became powerful. (Introduction to O Que Esperar do Brasil?)

2007. Vargas was the statesman that led Brazils national and industrial revolution. Although an authoritarian politician, he created the conditions for consolidated democracy. (Paper: tin book edited by Dutra Fonseca Zahluth Bastos)

2011. Latecomers - the countries that didn't made their Capitalist Revolution in the 18th or the 19th century need nationalist revolutions to fight imperialism and make their own national and industrial revolution. (Paper being worked)

2009. A review of a classical book on the intellectual history of Brazil. Written in a moment where nationalism was beign replaced by dependency interpretation. (Review of Carlos Guilherme Mota (1977 [2008]), Ideologia da Cultura Brasileira).

2009. A consolidated democracy requires a capable state, a strong nation and an active civil society. The quality of democracy must be improved but it is a mistake to o include in the concept of democracy more than its minimum, procedural, requirements. (Paper)

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