Political Economy

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Do liberal policy regimes condemn Latin America to quasi-stagnation?

2021. The liberal policy regime is incompatible with growth in Latin America. (Paper with Carmem Feijó and Eliane de Araújo to be published in Oxford Handbook on Secular Stagnation).

Por que o sistema financeiro tornou-se tão poderoso?

2016. A key source of the power of the financial sector in all countries is the importance that macroeconomic policy assumed in the last 50 years, and the fact that this sector hires at least 80% of the macroeconomists. (Article, Jornal dos Economistas)

A origem política dos problemas econômicos

1995. With Yoshiaki Nakano. A critique of the conventional wisdom that economic problems have dominantly a political origin. Or that economists fail to make the required and rational policies for lack of political support. (Paper in Revista de Economia Política)*

Populism and economic policy in Brazil

1991. Economic populism, left's protectionism, and the right's monetarist orthodoxy are together major obstacles to consistent and rational economic policies and reforms. Portuguese version with the title "Ideologias econômicas e democracia no Brasil" available. (Paper: Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs)

Os limites da política econômica

1988. Economic policy should follow the rationality principle, but ideological constraints in the right and the left, and the limitations of economic theory make such rationality problematic. (Paper: Revista de Economia Política)

O Colapso de uma Aliança de Classes

1978. The beginning of the transition to democracy in Brazil: the Brazilian bourgeoisie reacts to the authoritarian "Pacote de Abril" of 1977 breaking down its 1964 alliance with the military. Esgotado nas livrarias. Complete book in PDF format in this site e na apple store

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