My steps in the construction of New Developmentalism

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

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Developmentalism and Post-Keynesian Economics. In this report I will try to define the ideas that represented one step after the other the intellectual construction of New Developmentalism. And I will identify the paper or book where I first defined the respective idea. In New Developmentalism we can distinguish a political economy (the study of the economic and political institutions that define developmental capitalism and the developmental state) from the economics of New Developmentalism - theories that explain stability, growth, distribution and protection of the environment in capitalist societies. Although the economics and the political economy involved are interrelated, I distinguish them and, first, will identify the steps in the construction of New Developmentalism related to the political economy, and, second, the steps dealing with political economy.  


The papers listed in this document are available in this website



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