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O fim do mundo que conhecemos

12.7.2018. O mundo que conheci foi o da vitória contra o nazismo, a social-democracia nos Anos Dourados do Capitalismo e o retrocesso neoliberal. Agora vejo um nacionalismo populista de direita surgir.

Regular os reguladores

21.4.2018 - Os órgãos de controle melhoraram, mas excesso de controles inviabiliza a reforma gerencial.

Um critério universal para votar

11.3.2018- A crítica ao cinismo na política deve ser nosso critério universal para votar. Satisfeito esse critério negativo, os três critérios principais para mim são um projeto macroeconômico de desenvolvimento, a força pessoal para alcançá-lo e o compromisso com a dimuição das desigualdades. (Blog do Facebook)

Liberalismo incompatível com o desenvolvimento

2.1.2018 - Reasons why economic liberalism is unable to promote growth and catching up in developing countries. (Note in the Facebook)

Depois do ódio

27.12.2017. Why since 2013 we saw political hate in Brazil? I believe that the structural explanation for that. The white Brazilian elites always despised the negro or mestiça lower classes. Suddenly a politician originated from the excluded class, Lula, identified himself self with it, while his political party got involved in corruption. This was sufficient to the insecure middle-class developed hate - a sentment that is incompatible with democracy. (Note in the Facebook)

E se Lula for eleito?

18.12.2017. To restore democracy and legitimacy, Lula must participate from the presidential elections. If hi is elected, he will work for restoration of peace and of political legitimacy.

Brasil - laboratório neoliberal

21.11.2017 - Article in Le Monde argues that Brazil turned into a laboratory of neoliberal experiments, The sad thing is that the authors are right. Nota no Facebook

Moniz Bandeira, nacionalista

14 de novembro de 2017

Brasil à venda

22.8.2017. Brazil is a country for sale. High budget deficit and high current account deficits not matched by additional investments lead to increased indebtedness and the sale of the national patrimony. (Note in Facebook)

Reforma política

10.8.2017. The political reform should follow two criteria: to increase governability, which a purely proportional system does not assure, and to reduce the cost of political campaigns. (Note in Facebook)

Sim, a compaixão é essencial

30.7.2017. Yes, compassion is essential. Terence Malick's "From Song to Song" is a major film about modern freedom - an individualist freedom that does not turn us free.

Qual oposição?

26.7.2017. In this note, the author summarizes his critiques to the Brazilian government, which was born from a political coup, and the economic elites that support it. But he is also critical of a radical discourse on the part of the left, which is incompatible with the nation and the democracy.

De quais reformas o Brasil precisa?

2017-I propose twelve new-developmental ecnomic reforms for Brazil (Facebook page)



Guido Mantega


Novodesenvolvimentistas, sociodesenvolvimentistas e liberal-ortodoxos

2017 - Conflitos ideológicos. Nota no Facebook, 6.4.2017

Atropelar? Por que não? É a nova regra do jogo.

22.12.2016 - The new mayor of São Paulo is increasing the speed limits in the avenues. But to run over the people is more than a trafic rule; is the new and liberal rule of the game in Brazil.

Fidel Castro

26.11.2016. Fidel Castro was the great leader of the only socialist revolution in Latin America, but instead of socialism Cuba changed into an authoritarian but egalitarian statism.

Donald Trump


Shimon Peres


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