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Depois do ódio

27.12.2017. Why since 2013 we saw political hate in Brazil? I believe that the structural explanation for that. The white Brazilian elites always despised the negro or mestiça lower classes. Suddenly a politician originated from the excluded class, Lula, identified himself self with it, while his political party got involved in corruption. This was sufficient to the insecure middle-class developed hate - a sentment that is incompatible with democracy. (Note in the Facebook)

New developmentalism: Macroeconomics and political economy for developing countries

2017. A short (4.000 words) summary of new developmentalism - a new theoretical framework for allow middle-income countries to grow again. (DOC Research Institute website) (Available in Portuguese)

A quem interessa juros altos e moeda apreciada?

2017. Liberal economists don't discuss the exchange rate, because its devaluation hurts rentiers and financiers that they represent. (Valor).

Who benefits from high interest rates and an appreciated currency?

2017. The great majority of liberal economists mean no harm by promoting fiscal adjustment alone.

Novo desenvolvimentismo é resposta para a crise

2017. A short (4.000 words) summary of new developmentalism - a new theoretical framework to allow middle-income countries to grow again. Ilustríssima, Folha) (Available in English)

Sobre democracia e moeda

2017. Piketty on how to democratize the Eurozone. (Review)

Call for the 7th Laporde

Call for the 7th Laporde - a one week full time course (January 8-12) given by some outstanding development economists at EESP/FGV São Paulo.

Qual oposição?

26.7.2017. In this note, the author summarizes his critiques to the Brazilian government, which was born from a political coup, and the economic elites that support it. But he is also critical of a radical discourse on the part of the left, which is incompatible with the nation and the democracy.

Managerial reform and legitimization of the social state

2017. A central objective of the 1995 Managerial Reform of the State was to turn more efficient the large social services, and so, legitimize the Social State defined in the 1988 Constitution. Portuguese 2010 version available

Arthur Piza

Discours à la crémation de Arthur Piza. Paris, le 2 Juin 2017.

Um intelectual completo

2017. Prefácio para o livro organizado por Ivan Salomão por ocasião da aposentadoria de Pedro Cezar Dutra Fonseca na UFRGS.

A cópia do ultrapassado

Os países ricos não adotaram políticas neoliberais, que o atual governo brasileiro imita, para se tornarem ricos. Eles adotaram o desenvolvimentismo quando fizeram sua revolução industrial. (Article: Revista Brasileiros)

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