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Estado do bem-estar social e reforma gerencial

2007. Being much bigger than the Liberal State, the Social-Democratic State requires public management reform that make more efficient the large social and scientific services. On the other hand, the managerial reform legitimized the Social State. (Full text available only in this site)

The political economy of trade, finance, and the exchange rate

2007. Trade cannot be de-linked from finance because the exchange rate represents a major intersection between the two field. Yet, the exchange rate is forgotten in international trade and in economic growth courses, and in trade negotiations at WTO. Countries that have reserve currencies abhor taking on the exchange rate (Intervention at UNCTAD seminar)

Ciclos da sociedade e do Estado

2007. Brazilian society underwent two cycles in the twentieth century (Nação e Desenvolvimento and Democracia e Justiça), followed, with a gap, by the respective political coalition at state level. (Section of the book Macroeconomia da Estagnação)

Estado y mercado en el nuevo desarrollismo

2007. This is a reduced version of a "Novo desenvolvimentismo e ortodoxia convencional". It compares three growth strategies: old or national-developmentalism, new developmentalism, and Washington,s conventional orthodoxy. Portuguese version available. (Paper: Nueva Sociedad)

Ganho ao invés de confisco (Estado, 18 a 22.05.07)

2007. Given the Dutch disease, I am not proposing confiscation but a marginal tax on exports that will not hurt but will stabilize commodities' production and profitability. (Two articles by Celso Ming and my letter to him)

País sempre mercantil (Folha, 04.02.07)

2007. Caio Prado Jr. was a major historian of Brazilian mercantilism, but he didn't understand the after 1930 Brazil made its industrial revolution and overcome mercantilism. (Article: Folha, Mais!)

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