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Global intellectual property rights: arguments or power?

2006. Survey of Ugo Paganos "Positional goods and asymmetric development". (Note: Econômica).

Celso Furtado, restrições externas e o financiamento do desenvolvimento

2006. Intervention in Brasilia conference in honor of Celso Furtado. This note reproduces part of the paper "Método e paixão em Celso Furtado". (Note: Cadernos do Desenvolvimento )

A verdade e seus objetos

2006. Note on thruth asserting that the ability to achieve thruth depends on the complexity of the objects that are studied. (Note: prepared to students)

Acordo nacional no início do século XXI

2006. In order to become again a real nation Brazil needs a encompassing national agreement, where the association between businessmen and the state bureaucracy is key. (Note in , Economia Brasileira na Encruzilhada)

Prefácio a Economia Brasileira na Encruzilhada

2006. After a major favorable external chock that doubled its exports in five years, the Brazilian economy faces a major opportunity to resumed sustained economic growht. (Preface to Economia Brasileira na Encruzilhada, 2006)

Formas de poder e orçamento participativo de Porto Alegre

2006. Classification of the forms of power in society (traditional, rational-bureaucratic, rational-democratic) in the state (absolute, liberal, democratic) in the state organization (patrimonial, bureaucratic, managerial) (Examination of PHD dissertation by Marianne Nassuno - only published in this site)

Desgovernança global e a economia americana (Conjuntura Econômica, 07.06)

2006. Today we have global disgovernance rather than disgovernance given the high and persistent current account deficits in the US economy. (Conjuntura Econômica)

Prefácio a Avanços e Perspectivas da Gestão Pública nos Estados

2006. The 1995 Public Management Reform is advancing in the federal states. (Preface to the book Avanços e Perspectivas da Gestão Pública nos Estados, Consad)

Prefácio a Agricultura Empresarial

2006. Writing a book on entrepreneurial agriculture, Antonio José de Oliveira Costa understood the risk that the Dutch Disease represents to farmers. (Preface to Agricultura Empresarial)

Carta a Roberto Giannetti da Fonseca

2006. (Letter). Leia também o artigo de Roberto Giannetti a que me refiro nesta carta.

Rangel: ciclos longos e dualidade

2006. The complex relations between the long cycles and the dualities of the Brazilian society. (Note just published in this site)

A crise da EAESP

2006. Letter to Maria Rita Loureiro on EAESP crisis caused by the dismissal of 17 professors.

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