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Prefácio de Política y Gestión Pública

2004. Bureaucratic administration controls officials with tight regulation and supervision, but this proved inefficient. Democracy allowed for public management reform and the political control of bureaucrats.(Preface to the CLADs Cientific Council book Política y Gestión Pública)

Prefácio a A Menina dos Olhos

2004. Michael Zeitlin - notable professor of business administration and a major secretary in Mario Covas government of São Paulo - writes articles in the press. (Preface to book by Michael Paul Zeitlin).

Uma agenda nacional

2004. What should be the national agenda, as it was discussed in the 1o. Fórum de Economia da Fundação Getúlio Vargas". (Note: Conjuntura Econômica)

Macunaíma e Emília na terra do amanhã (Folha, 22.08.04)

2004. Brazil has a strong cultural but a poor national identity. Both identities are not necessarily correlated. (Article: Folha S.Paulo, Mais!).

Proposta de desenvolvimento para o Brasil

2004. Summarized view of what is needed for Brazil achieve macroeconomic stability and resume growth. (Testimony to the Brazilian Câmara dos Deputados, published in Revista de Economia Política, October 2004)

Carta a Jacques Gelman

2004. Letter to the director of FGV Business School on the need of a MBA program, competitive to american MBA's. (17.2.2004)

Dr.Ulysses: O homem que pensou o Brasil

1993. Dr. Ulysses Guimarães was an outstanding public man. My personal and political relations with him. (Interview in the book Dr. Ulysses: O Homem que Pensou o Brasil).

Economia política do gasto social no Brasil desde 1980/85

2004. While income per capita increased 8.5% in 20 years, social expenditures, 43.4%. Given the improvement in social standards this demonstrates that social expenditures are effective. (Note: Revista Econômica)*

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