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MARE s extinction

2002. Note explaining why I proposed this change in 1997 and again 1998. See also the 1998 letter to FHC proposing the extinction. (Published just in this site)

Democracia brasileira, no momento das eleições de 2002

2002. Presidential elections demonstrated that democracy is consolidated, in transition from an elites to a public opinions democracy. (Note: Not published)

Resenha de Em Busca de Novo Modelo

2002. Review of Celso Furtados book Em Busca de Novo Modelo. (Revista de Economia Política)

Prefácio à edição francesa de Crise Econômica et Reforma do Estado no Brasil.

2002. A critique of the macroeconomic policy led by Brazil after 1995. Portuguese version of the French edition of Crise Economique et Réforme de lÉtat au Brésil. (Unpublished).

A economia brasileira às vésperas das eleições de 2002

2002. The poor economic performance of the Cardoso administration will probably cause the defeat of José Serra to Lula. Behind it was the mistaken idea that Brazil could develop with foreign savings. (Berlin, Adenauer Foundation)

À la recherche d'une nouvelle interprétation

2002. The dependency interpretation of Brazil should be replaced by the crisis of the state interpretation. (Introduction to Economic Crisis and State Reform in Brazil. Portuguese and English versions available.

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