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TV pública e terceiro setor: a procura do lucro social

2000. Public TV should be organized as social organization and be independent. (Short note in seminar comemorating 25 years of the Educative TV of Rio de Janeiro).

Identidade e auto-estima do brasileiro

2000. Brazilian tend to identify themselves negavitvely. (Notes of the intervention in Simpósio Freud: Conflito e Cultura Brasil: Psicanálise e Modernismo).

Nova esquerda social-liberal em Berlim (Folha, 15.06.00)

2000. The new left is liberal because it believes in freedom and in market competition, but is ready to risk order in name of justice. (article: Folha de S.Paulo)

A sagrada missão pública (Folha, 04.06.00)

2000. Universities should be public non-state organizations able to accomplish their educational and research objectives. (Article: Folha de S.Paulo).

Globalization and 'globalism'

2000. Globalization is the present stage of capitalism, globalism, the ideology that assert the loss of relevance of the nation-state. (Intervention in the 15th sesseion of the Group of Experts in Public Administration and Finance. United Nations, New York.

A new left in the South?

2000. The left in Latin America is identified with nationalism the region lacks a modern left. Policy-Network,, December 2000.

New facts strengthening ethical behavior in business and public life

2000. Moral standards of politicians and of business enterprises are today more closely checked by the press and public opinion than in the past. (Key-note speech published in edited book).

Managerial reform for 21st century governance

2000. Our basic objectives should be to build a capable state and to assure democratic governance. (Introductory words to the Plenary Session on governance in the II global Forum. Brasília)

Debate entre Bresser-Pereira e Marilena Chauí sobre a crise da universidade

2000. Besides being public and critical, universities must be efficient and competititve (Notes from public debate).

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