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Preface to Repensando lo Público através de la Sociedad

1997. Preface to book by Nuria Cunill Grau.

Ethics and citizenship: a republican aproach

1996. In late twentieth century we are facing neoliberalism, but, as a trade-off, republican right are been acknowledged and democracy is a source of morality and social justice. (Lecture at UNESCO conference).

Política e insulamento burocrático no Brasil (prefácio a A Gramática Política do Brasil, de Edson Nunes)

1997. The author defines four "gramatics" relating society and the state in Brazil: clientelism, corporatism, bureaucratic insulation and procedural universalism. I update this analysis considering the 1985 transition to democracy (Preface to book by Edson de Oliveira Nunes)

O socialismo liberal de Carlo Rosselli

1997 - Preface to Carlos Rossellis book, Socialismo Liberal (1930). Political ideas of an Italian liberal-socialist, who was critical of Marxism, and was killed by fascism. (Jorge Zahar Editor)

A luta dos economistas por poder

1997. Why do Brazilian economists have so much power? A review of Maria Rita Loureiro book, Os Economistas no Poder. (Book review: Folha de S.Paulo, Mais! 15.6.97)

Globalização e suas implicações

1997. (Economia Aplicada)

Carta ao Presidente Fernando Henrique

1996. Letter to President Fernando Henrique Cardoso analyzing the economic situation, emphasizing that the overvaluation of the real, and recommending its depreciation in order to avoid a financial crisis before reelection. (3.9.1996)

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