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América Latina - situação atual e perspectivas

1995. The major challenge that Latin American intellectuals face is to reform and rebuild the state of their countries. (Short testimony to the survey "Latin America - The Social Scientists View", Nueva Sociedad)

Prefácio para Reformas Econômicas em Novas Democracias

1995 - Prefácio to the Brazilian edition of book by Bresser-Pereira, Maravall and Przeworski.

A Reforma Administrativa do Sistema de Saúde

1995. My first article proposing an adapted version of the purchaser-provider split model to reorganize the SUS. Eventually it resulted into Nob (Norma Operacional Básica) 96 that reorganized SUS (Brazilian universal health-care system) according to a managerial approach. (Lecture in CLAD meeting in Buenos Aires in Ju).

Rangel e os ciclos longos

1994. An homage to Ignacio Rangel in the year of his deth. (Anpec, Salvador)

Memorandum on Models of Capitalism and Democracy

1994. There are three models of capitalism: the American, the Japanese, and the European or social democratic. The choice criterium is efficiency - what will lead Latin American to choose a combination of the social-democratic and the Japanese (developmental) model. As to democracy, it is a end in itself or a means to freedom and peace, not to economic development. Thus, trade-offs between growth and democracy should not be considered. (Published only in this website)

Populismo, neoliberalismo ou grande acordo nacional?

1994. Fernando Henrique Cardoso is not a neo-liberal; the Real Plan involves a major center-left political agreement. The objective is to strength the state. (Note: Monitor Público)

Inserção internacional e apartheid social (Folha)

1994. Brazil achieved price stability. Now, in order to grow, it has to define a policy of competitive insertion in the interantional setting, while, domestically, promotes income distribution. (Note: Folha de S.Paulo)

Oswaldo Aranha

1994. Depoimento em homenagem a Oswaldo Aranha.

A economia e a política do Plano Real

1994. The logic and the intellectual background of the Plano Real, and a collection of articles published in the press between May 1993 and June 1994 on the successful stabilization plan. (Note: Revista de Economia Política) *

Homenagem aos Amigos

1994. Discurso em homenagem aos professores da EAESP/FGV que se aposentaram em 1994.

Prefácio para Burocracia Pública e Política Industrial no Brasil

1994 - Preface to the Brazilian edition of book by Ben Ross Schneider.

Prefácio para Conquistas e Resistências do Poder (1964-1984): A Emergência do Discurso Democrático no Brasil, de Danielle Forget

1994. An original analysis of the democratic discourse in Brazil. (Preface to Danielle Forgets Conquistas e Resistências do Poder (1964-1984): A Emergência do Discurso Democrático no Brasil.

Prefácio para O Brasil Frente a um Mundo Dividido em Blocos, de Thorstensen, Nakano, Faria Lima e Seiji Sato

1994 - In the global system some agreements are strategic. From the research that this book summarizes one can derive the conclusion that would be beneficial to Brazil to get more closely associated to the US. ( Preface to book by Vera Thorstensen, Yoshiaki Nakano, Camila Faria Lima and Cláudio Seiji Sato)

A América Latina do Atlântico (Carta Internacional, 10.1994)

1994. Integration based on the Atlantic: with the United States, or with Europe. (Article: Carta Internacional)

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