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A modernização interrompida

1993. A socio-economic and a political-economic vicious circle hinds Brazils development. The weak points which should be attacked are education and inertial inflation. (Note in Vellosos edited book [10 p])*

O fim do triunfalismo neoliberal

1994. Neoliberal triumphalism is dead. Democratic consolidation in Latin America and Eastern Europe will not be achieved by dismantling the state organization, but by rebuilding it. (Article in "Folha de S. Paulo"),

Colapso da modernização ou crise do estado?

1993. Robert Kurz wrongly predicts capitalisms colapse, not understanding that what we have is just a crisis of the state. (Review of Robert Kurz, O Colapso da Modernização, in Novos Estudos Cebrap)

Heterodoxia e ortodoxia no Plano Bresser

1993. Economic heterodoxy should not be confused with economic populism. The Bresser-Plan was both heterodox and orthodox. (Conjuntura Econômica")

Off the mark: the misguided policies of Washington economists

1992. When the costs involved in a given economic policy become excessive, the decision not to adopt the policy is rational rather than political. Reforms that are inefficient are irrational. (Note: Harvard International Review)

Prefácio para Comunidade Européia: A Construção de uma Potência Econômica

1992. Preface to book by Vera Thorstensen on the European Union.

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