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Vamos sair da crise

1989. Debate no programa "Vamos Sair da Crise" da TV Gazeta de São Paulo e da TV Capital de Brasília. em 1989, às vésperas da primeira eleição presidencial após 29 anos.

Resenha de Igreja Católica e Política no Brasil

1989. Review to book by Scott Mainwaring.

Expériences d'un gouvernement: le ministère des Finances au Brésil

1989. A testimony to IUPERJ on the author's experience as Finance Minister in Brazil. I receive the finance ministry when the Great Debt Crisis of the 1980s reaches its peak with the failure of the Cruzado Plan. The emergence "Bresser Plan", and the negotiation of the foreign debt. Available in Portuguese, and in an extended version. (Published in Problèmes d'Amérique Latine)

The third world debt: a dangerous game

1989. Third world debt is so high that only its securitization with a discount in the line proposed in 1987 by me as finance minister of Brazil will solve the problem.

Solving the Debt Crisis: Debt Relief and Adjustment

1989. Testimony to the US House of Representatives, Washington, January 1989 *

Posfácio para Dolarization et Desindustrialization

1988. Postface à le livre de Pierre Salama, Dollarisation e Desindustrialization: les Effet Pervers des Politiques dAjustement.

Experiências de um governo

1988. A testimony to IUPERJ (Wanderley Guilherme dos Santos) on the authors experience as Finance Minister of Brazil. Available in French, and also an extended and revised version.(Discussion paper, IUPERJ)

Uma estratégia alternativa para negociar a dívida externa

1989.The 1987 negotiation of the foreign debt was guided by a question ("is the payment of interests consistent with the economic growth of Brazil?"), and by the idea of securityzing the debt with a discount. English version available. (Note in my edited book Dívida Externa: Crise e Soluções)

A Brazilian approach to external debt negotiation - 1987

1988. The 1987 negotiation of the foreign debt was guided by a question ("is the payment of interest consistent with the economic growth of Brazil?"), and by the idea of securitizing the debt with a discount. Portuguese version available. (Note: LASA Forum)

Duas questões básicas sobre a dívida externa

1988. The two basic questions on the foreign debt are, first, if Brazil has the possibility of fully honoring it without major economic losses (it has not); second, who is supposed to have the initiative (it is Brazil, we cannot wait on creditors). (Note: Economia em Perspectiva)

A mudança do papel do Estado na economia brasileira

1988. Between 1930 and 1980 the state was an instrument of growth, but since then, it became an obstacle. (Note in edited book)

Presupuestos y obstáculos de la integración Argentina-Brasil

1988. Conferência em seminário sobre a intregração Brasil-Argentina patrocinado pela Faculdade Latino Americana de Ciências Sociais (Flacso), Buenos Aires, 20 e 21 de outubro de 1988.

A concerted solution for the debt crisis

1988. Creditor countries are beginning to realize that a initiative involving debt reduction is necessary, but they seem paralyzed. Debtor countries must also participate from a concerted solution. (Introduction to non-published book)

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