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Three basic social classes in contemporary capitalism

2021. This essay draws in several previous papers.

The Organizational Revolution and the managerial class

Chapter 5 of the book being written, After Capitalim, Democratic Managerialism, June 2021

Phases of capitalist development

2021. The Industrial Revolution made capital the dominant production relation in entrepreneurs' capitalism; the Second Industrial Revolution and the associated organizational revolution promoted the shift from the strategic factor of production of capital to technical and administrative knowledge and made the emergence of the managerial class a definitive historical phenomenon. (Chapter of book being written)

A democracia não está morrendo. Foi o neoliberalismo que fracassou.

2021. The authoritarian character of right-wing populism does not mean that democracy is dying in the more advanced countries. It is a symptom of the terminal crisis of the neoliberal ideology. (Paper: Lua Nova,)

La convergencia de Corea del Sur y China: un análisis neo-desarrollista

Paper. With Elias Jabbour and Luiz Fernando de Paula.

Do liberal policy regimes condemn Latin America to quasi-stagnation?

2021. The liberal policy regime is incompatible with growth in Latin America. (Paper with Carmem Feijó and Eliane de Araújo to be published in Oxford Handbook on Secular Stagnation). Working paper EESP/FGV 541, February 2021.

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