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Neutralizing the Dutch disease

2020. A retention or tax on the export of commodities will neutralize the Dutch disease and assure to the manufacturing industry equal conditions in the competion with other countries. The tax will not represent a buden to the exporters, because they receive back their money on the form of depreciation of the real. (Paper: Journal of Post Keynesian Economics)

Formação do estado-nação e Revolução Capitalista

This paper searches to summarize this historical process in Europe, the rise of the city-states, the absolute monarchies, and eventually the formation of the nation-state and the industrial revolution. (Paper)

An alternative to the middle-income trap

2020. Com Eliane Cristina de Araújo e Samuel Costa Peres. This paper offers an alternative explanation to the slow-down observed in the growth of developing countries.

Brasil: efectos del Covid-19 y recuperación

2020. The poor outcomes of the Brazilian government in fighting the health and economic problems associated to Covid-19 when compared with Argentina and France. (Paper in Revista de la CEPAL). Published also in Portuguese.

Liberal US, developmental China

2021. Around 1980 China made the right choice of economic policy regime (developmentalism) and the US, the wrong choice. This is one of the reasons for the US losing gradually hegemony to China. (Chapter of a book being written)

Financiamento da Covid-19, inflação e restrição fiscal

2020. Many rich countries are financing the huge Covid-19 expenditures by monetary emission. Brazil should have done the same. Portuguese version available. (Paper: Brazilian journal of Political Economy) English version available

Brasil: impactos do Covid-19 e recuperação

Este artigo examina os impactos do Covid-19 sobre a população e a economia brasileira. Published also in Spanish.

Financing Covid-19, Inflation and the Fiscal Constraint

2020. Many rich countries are financing the huge Covid-19 expenditures by monetary emission. Brazil should have done the same. Portuguese version available. (Paper, Forum for Social Economics) Portuguese version available

Does the liberal policy regime condemn Latin America to quasi-stagnation?

(2020) Yes, it is, because liberals ignore the Dutch disease, recommend growth with "foreign savings", etc. Paper with Carmem Feijó e Eliane Araújo.

Teorias do Estado e teoria novo-desenvolvimentista

2020. A survey of the main theories of the state - republican, organic, constractualist, Marxist, etc. including the new-developmental theory of the state. (Paper in Dados)

Novo Desenvolvimentismo - Um segundo momento do estruturalismo Latino-Americano

2020 - In the 2000s, New Developmentalism is a second moment of the Latin American Structuralism, which faced crisis since the 1970s. Actualised conference given when I received the title of Doctor Honoris Cause by the University of Buenos Aires, 18 October 2011.

Estratégias de desenvolvimento e coalização de classes na obra de Bresser-Pereira

José Luis Oreiro (2015) Pela originalidade e abrangência da obra, A Construção Política do Brasil é leitura obrigatória para a disciplina de economia brasileira nos cursos de economia no Brasil.

A new theoretical framework: New Developmentalism

2020. New Developmentalism is a theoretical framework being defined since the early 2000s. It is a political economy and a development macroeconomics that originates from Development Economics and Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics. (Paper in Challenge,)

A armadilha da liberalização: Por que a América Latina parou nos anos 1980, enquanto o Leste da Ásia continuou a crescer?

2020. Latin America was not caught in the 'middle-income trap" but into the "1980s' liberalization trap", while East Asia overcome its middle-income condition and are today rich countries, or, in the case of China, heading to become so. (Paper BJPE)

Why did democracy become consolidated only in the twentieth century?

2011. The final version of this paper is Democracy and capitalist revolution,but I decided to conserve this earlier version. (Working Paper EESP/FGV 149, month???)

Medeiros's critique to New Developmentalism and Bresser-Pereira's response

2020-Carlos Medeiros' critique to the new-developmental theory and Bresser-Pereira's response in the same issue of ROKE.

The Golden Age of capitalism

Capítulo do Livro que está sendo escrito, Rentiers' Capitalism. March 2020.

Rentier-financier neoliberal capitalism

Capítulo de livro que está sendo escrito, Rentiers' Capitalism. Março 2020.

New Developmentalism: development macroeconomics for middle income countries

2019. This is the best summary of the economics and political economy of New Developmentalism. (Cambridge Journal of Economics)

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