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State-society cycles and political pacts in a national-dependent society: Brazil

2015. Brazil is a national-dependent society. The three cycles of its independent history were, successively, "State and Territorial Integration", "Nation and Development" and "Democracy and Social Justice". Portuguese version available. (Paper, Latin America Research Review)

Brazil's 35 years-old quasi-stagnation: facts and theory

2015. Texto para Discussão 399. The Brazilian economy is quasi stagnant from 1990, because since the 1980s it dos not have public savings to finance public investments, and because, since 1990, it is caught in a high interest rate-overvalued currency trap that makes the competent industrial firms not competitive and unable to invest. (Discussion paper). More actualized version available.

The macroeconomic tripod and the Workers' Party administrations

2015. Since 2003 a developmental government tried change the perverse liberal tripod, but eventually failed, as it was victim of exchange rate and fiscal populism, while the international situation deteriorated. (Paper in edited book)

Um terceiro desenvolvimentismo na história?

2015. O liberalismo econômico demonstrou mais uma vez não ter condições de garantir crescimento satisfatório e estabilidade financeira, ao buscar coordenar as economias modernas.

Capital e organização no capitalismo tecnoburocrático

2014. Technobureaucratic or professionals' capitalism are adequate names to identify today's capitalism. It is a mixed social formation, where two relations of production - capital and organization - are present. (Paper: Tempo Social)

Developmental class coalitions: historical experiences and prospects

2015. With Marcus Ianoni. A theoretical discussion of developmental class coalitions, and its application in three experiences: mercantilism, Bismarkism, and the Golden Years of Capitalism. (Paper to be published in edited book - Texto para Discussão EESP/FGV n. 386)

Liberalismo e desenvolvimentismo no Brasil

José Luís Oreiro (2015) Resenha do livro A Construção Política do Brasil, na qual Oreiro salienta que enquanto Marx pensou a história em termos de lutas de classe, Bresser pensa a história do Brasil em termos de lutas de coalizões de classe: coalizões desenvolvimentistas x coalizões, no passado, agrário-mercantis, hoje, liberais. (Valor Econômico, 10.3.2015)

A quase-estagnação brasileira e sua explicação novo-desenvolvimentista

2015. The Brazilian economy is quasi-stagnant since 1990 trade-liberalization, when trade liberalization dismantled the mechanism that neutralized the Dutch disease and the ensuing competitive disadvantage started up deindustrialization. Updated English version available. (Paper in book edited by Nelson Barbosa et al.)

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