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Desenvolvimentistas, liberais, e sua preferência pelo consumo imediato

2014. Liberals as well as vulgar Keynesians show a preference for immediate consumption associated with an overvalued currency. (Paper: Crítica e Sociedade)

The new developmentalism

2014. (Paper in edited book)

Sovereignty, the exchange rate, collective deceit, and the Euro crisis

2014, with Pedro Rossi. The euro crisis is a internal exchange rate crisis; austerity is a costly and inhuman policy of internal depreciation. (paper, in the Journal of Post Keynesian Economiscs)

A desorientação pós-moderna

2014. Breve crítica do pós-modernimos (Seção do ensaio "modernidade neoliberal", Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais).

Modernidade neoliberal

2014. A critical survey of the recent analysis of modernity. Major sociologists take as modernity what is, rather, expressions of the recent and failed neoliberal distortion of democratic capitalism. (Paper: Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais)

Um estudo empírico da substituição da poupança interna pela externa no Brasil

2014. With Eliane Araújo and Paulo Gala. (Paper). Econometric comprovation of a high rate of substituition of foreign for domestic savings. (Paper in EconomiA, da ANPEC). English version available.

An empirical study of the substitution of foreign for domestic savings in Brazil

2014. With Eliane Araújo e Paulo Gala. Econometric comprovation of a high rate of substituition of foreign for domestic savings. (Paper: Revista EconomiA) Portuguese version available.

Desenvolvimento, progresso e crescimento econômico

2014. Progress and human development are defined as the advance towards the five political objectives that modern societies defined for themselves (security, individual liberty, economic wellbeing, social justice and protection of the environment); and growth a an instrument to such objectives. (Essay: Lua Nova)

La organización y el nuevo concepto de capital en el capitalismo tecnoburocrático

2014. A partir de la designación "capitalismo tecnoburocrático" o "capitalismo de los profesionales" surge el interés en saber cómo se organizan las sociedades contemporáneas o la modernidad.

A theoretical framework for a Structuralist Development Macroeconomics

2014. With José Luis Oreiro and Nelson Marconi. A synthesis of structuralist development macroeconomics and the critique of the "foreign constraint" thesis. (Paper in edited book)

The access to demand

2014. In developing countries it is not enough to secure demand for entrepreneurs to invest; additionally, is required access to it, which only a competitive exchange rate can assure. (Paper Keynesian Brazilian Review)

Development, progress and economic growth

2014. Progress was associated with the advance of reason, development with the fulfillment of the five political objectives that modern societies set for themselves: security, freedom, economic well-being, social justice and protection of the environment. (Paper in edited book).

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