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Instituições, bom Estado, e reforma da gestão pública

2004. Among institutions the crucial one is the state, and, within it, the state apparatus. Public management reform aims at making such apparatus efficient. (Paper in edited book)*

Economista ou Sociólogo do Desenvolvimento

2004. A survey of my work as an economist, sociologist, and political theorist. It includes a re-evaluation of dependency theory. Paper in the Festricht of Bresser-Pereira, Em Busca do Novo. (Paper in edited book)

Macroeconomia Pós-Plano Real: As Relações Básicas

2005. The perverse macroeconomic model of the Brazilian economy combining high interest rate and low exchange rate with growth with foreign savings and quasi-stagnation. (In edited book, Novo Desenvolvimentismo)*

La restricción económica y la democrática

2004. In reforming the state the democtratic constraint has priority over the economic one. Portuguese and English versions available.(Paper in CLADs Scientific Council edited book) *

La Politique Macroéconomique Brésilienne (1994-2003) et le Second Consensus de Washington

2004. The growth cum foreign savings strategy and the consequent exchange rate evaluation is the basic cause behind Cardoso administration's poor economic performance. Translation of "O Segundo Consenso de Washington e a Quase-estagnação do Brasil". (Paper: Problèmes d'Amérique Latine)*

Brazil's quasi-stagnation and the growth cum foreign savings strategy

2004. The critique of the growth cum foreign savings strategy adopted in the Cardoso administration. Foreign finance does not cause growth. Spanish version available. (Paper: International Journal of Political Economy)*

La estrategia de crecimiento con ahorro externo y la economía brasileña desde principios del decenio 1990

2005. The critique of the growth cum foreign savings strategy applied to Brazil. The Cardoso administration. English version available. (Paper in edited book).

O Surgimento do Estado Republicano

2004. The new state that is emerging in the developed countries is a republican state in so far as it is increasingly capable of protecting itself from rent-seeking or its capture by private interests. (Paper: Lua Nova)*

Professionals capitalism and democracy

2004. The rise of the professional middle class, knowledge as the new strategic factor of production, and the implications for democracy. The correspondent concept of capital.Portuguese version available.(Paper in book honoring J. K. Galbraith).

Método y pasión en Celso Furtado

2004. The method that Celso Furtado utilizes is essentially historical his passion - a measured passion - is Brazil. A survey of Furtado's work. Portuguese and English versions available. (Paper: Revista de La CEPAL)*

Reforma da gestão e avanço social em uma economia semi-estagnada

2004. Since 1980 Brazil's economic growth has been frustrating, bust social and political development was real, as the 1995 Public Management Reform demonstrates. (Paper: Revista de Administração Pública)*

The Second Washington Consensus and Latin Americas Quasi-Stagnation

2004. With Carmen Varela. Latin Americas quasi-stagnation in the 1990s can be explained principally by the growth cum foreign savings strategy. (Paper: Journal of Post Keynesian Economics)

O Conceito de Desenvolvimento do ISEB Rediscutido

2004. In the 1950s ISEB developed an original and powerful interpretation of Brazil based on the ideas of capitalist and national revolution. (Paper: Dados)*

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