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Macroeconomia do Brasil pós-1994

2003. The perverse macroeconomic model of the Brazilian economy combining high interest rate and low exchange rate with growth with foreign savings and quasi-stagnation. (Paper: Análise Econômica)*

O Gigante Fora do Tempo: A Guerra do Iraque e o Sistema Global

2003. The US is deafeting Iraq, but in waging this war the US is a giant out of time. Today there is no room for imperial and unilateral actions (Paper: Política Externa). *

Economic growth with foreign savings?

2002. With Yoshiaki Nakano. Developing countries' poor performance in the 1990s is related to the Washington strategy of growth with foreign savings. Portuguese version available.(Paper presented to International Post Keynesian Workshop).

Crescimento econômico com poupança externa?

2003. With Yoshiaki Nakano. Developing countries poor performance in the 1990s is related to the Washington strategy of growth with foreign savings and open capital accounts. English version available.(Paper Revista de Economia Política)*

Da diplomacia do equilíbrio de poderes à política da globalização

2003. After the end of the Cold War balance of powers diplomacy is over. Now major nations are not enemies but competitors in a global system which is being institutionalized. Translation of "After Balance of Powers Diplomacy, Globalization's Politics" (Paper: Novos Estudos CEBRAP)*.

Retomada da Revolução Nacional e o novo desenvolvimentismo

2003. Chapter 20 of Desenvolvimento e Crise no Brasil: História, Economia e Política de Getúlio Vargas a Lula

Auto-Interesse e incompetência

2003. A second variable, besides self-interest, is turning increasingly relevant: policymakers' incompetence. English version available. (Revista Brasileira de Economia). *

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