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A nova esquerda: uma visão a partir do Sul

2000. To be left means to be ready to risk social order in behalf of social justice. Historically the left moves as the political center cyclically moves from left to right and vice-versa. The center is also different from country to country. The Third Way is the expression of a new left in a country where the center rather on the right. English version available. (Paper: Revista de Filosofia Política 2000)

Descentralização geográfica e regional: Brasil e Europa

2000. The distinction between administrative and political descentralization. The descentralizing principles in the public management reform. (Paper: Revista Galega de Administración).

After the elites, civil society's democracy in Brazil

2000. This paper presents a hystorical typology of democracy: elites or Schumpeterian democracy, civil society"s public opinions democracy, participatory democracy, and deliberative democracy. Brazil is in transition from elites democracy to public opinions democracy. Portuguese version available. (Paper: IPSA Congress, Quebec)

Da política de elites à democracia de sociedade Civil

2000. Brazil, as all new democracies, is a "democracy of elites ". Yet, there are indication of a transition to what may be called "democracy of civil society", where public opinion and public non state political advocacy organizations become relevant. English version available. (In Reis Velloso edited book)

Pobres Elites Iluminadas

2000. Brazil, as all new democracies, is an "elites' democracy". Yet, there are indication of a transition to what may be called "civil society´s democracy", where public opinion become relevant (Estudos Avançados, USP)*

A reforma gerencial do Estado de 1995

2000. An evaluation of the implementation of the "Brazilian 1995 Public Management Reform", i.e., of the managerial reform the begins in 1995 and will continue for many years. It is being gradually implemented at federal, state, and municipal level. (Revista de Administração Pública).

Higher civil services ethics

2000. From civil servants as from politicians it is asked that they have republican virtues. And often they do. (Paper in United Nations Report)

Entre o globalismo e o velho nacionalismo

2000. Nationalism is the way through which people define their national identity. Brazil should be nationalist as developed countries are. In these countries, government is supposed to protect national labor and national capital the same should be true for Brazil. (Paper in book edited by Henrique Rattner).

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