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Steps in the construction of New Developmentalism - a personal report

2021. New Developmentalism is today an increasingly encompassing theoretical system which originated from Classical Developmentalism and Post-Keynesian Economics. In this report I will try to define the ideas that represented one step after the other the intellectual construction of New Developmentalism.

Principles on New Developmentalism

2019. Fifteen principles that summarized New Developmentalism. A collective document which counted with the collaboration of several economists and political scientists.

Bresser-Pereira's Theoretical Contributions to Economics and the Other Social Sciences

2019. List of Bresser-Pereira's theoretical contributions and respective papers or books. .

Ato em Defesa da Democracia e da Constituição

Ato em Defesa da Democracia e da Constituição.

Política de emergência contra a recessão

2017. Documento no.2 do Grupo Reindustrialização.

Revista de Economia Política no Google Scholar

2016. Entre as 100 revistas acadêmicas brasileiras mais citadas no Google Scholar a Revista de Economia Política é a única revista de economia citada e a segunda revista mais citada entre as revistas de ciências sociais em geral.

Reconstruir a esperança

2015. Speech receiving the Juca Pato trophee and the tittle of "intelectual of the year 2014" from the Brazilian Union of Writers.

Seis propostas para reindustrialização

2015. Documento no.1 do Grupo Reindustrialização. Propomos seis medidas de política econômica para reindustrializar o Brasil e este voltar a crescer e realizar o alcançamento.

Economistas com Dilma:

2014. Manifesto assinado por Bresser-Pereira.

Ten theses on New Developmentalism

Heterodox economists (2010) important document which involved a strong debate among a group of heterodox developmental economists.

Final report on the IIAS Berlin Conference 2005

2005. Public-private partnerships are becoming increasingly common. (Report as the general reporteur of the IIAS Berlin Conference)

Uma estratégia de desenvolvimento com estabilidade

2001. With Yoshiaki Nakano. A critique of economic policy - particularly of the high interest rates - adopted from 1995. Originally it was written as a document to PSDB. It is one of the founding papers of New Developmentalism. Spanish version available. (Paper/document: Revista de Economia Política, July 2002).*

CLAD - Madrid Declaration

1998. CLAD is a multilateral institution. Through its Conferences (1995) and Journal, Reforma y Democracia, and through the Madrid Declaration, it has become an important agent of the Latin American Reform.

The Madrid declaration on new public management for Latin America was written by CLAD's Scientific Council, under my presidency, and formally approved by CLAD's Directive Council, in its October 14th 1998 meeting. CLAD is the Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo, constituted by 25 countries, with headquarters in Caracas. I was CLAD's President between March 1995 and December 1997, and, since then, I am President of its Scientific Council.

Spanish Version
Portuguese Version
English Version

Ciência e Tecnologia no Nordeste

1999. Relatório de viagem do Ministro da Ciência e Tecnologia a Recife, em 9 de julho de 1999.

Relatório sobre a Conferência Mundial da Ciência de Budapeste

1999. Report as the president of the Brazilian delegation to the World Conference on Science organized by UNESCO and ICDU in Budapest, June 1999. (In MCT's website)

Orientações estratégicas

1999. MCT's strategic plan, including the sectorial funds. Almost complete version dated of May 30, 1999. A few days later I left the Cardoso administration.

Depoimento sobre Alimentos Transgênicos na Câmara dos Deputados - Comissão de C&T

1999. Testimony on GMOs (genetic modified organisms) at the Comissão de C&T da Câmara dos Deputados. (In MCT's website)

Relatório da Visita às Instituições de C&T dos Estados Unidos e do Reino Unido

April 1999. Report on the visits to Science and Technology institutions in the United States and United Kingom. (In MCT's website)

Um novo aprendizado (Folha, 10.01.99)

1999. The public management reform at MARE was successful. Now, at the Ministry of Science and Technology, I face a new and major challenge. Some basic policies defined. (Article in Folha de S.Paulo, 10.1.1999.

Política de C&T e sua Gestão, nos EUA e no Reino Unido

1999. Relatório do Ministro Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira da viagem aos EUA e ao Reino Unido - 20 a 30 de Abril 1999.

Carta ao Presidente Fernando Henrique

1996. Letter to President Fernando Henrique Cardoso analyzing the economic situation, emphasizing that the overvaluation of the real, and recommending its depreciation in order to avoid a financial crisis before reelection. (3.9.1996)

Plano Diretor da Reforma do Aparelho do Estado

1995. The White Paper defining the principles of the 1995-98 Public Management Reform. (Booklet: MARE)

Plan Director de la Reforma del Aparato del Estado

1995. Spanish version of the White Paper defining the principles of the 1995-98 Public Management Reform. (Booklet: MARE)

White paper Reform of the State Apparatus

1995. English version of the White Paper defining the principles of the 1995-98 Public Management Reform. (Booklet: MARE)

Contra a Corrente: A Experiência no Ministério da Fazenda

1992. Revised version of the testimony to IUPERJ on the author's experience as Finance Minister in Brazil: the major crisis, the "Bresser Plan", and the negotiation of the foreign debt. Non revised version available in French. (In Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais")

Taxa de juros e os investimentos

1991. A 1990 repetition of a research on the motives to invest of major Brazilian firms originally conducted in 1970. And a comparison between the two results, showing that with the rise of the interest rate, it became more relevant in the decision process. (Research report/NPP/EAESP/FGV).

Expériences d'un gouvernement: le ministère des Finances au Brésil

1989. A testimony to IUPERJ on the author's experience as Finance Minister in Brazil. I receive the finance ministry when the Great Debt Crisis of the 1980s reaches its peak with the failure of the Cruzado Plan. The emergence "Bresser Plan", and the negotiation of the foreign debt. Available in Portuguese, and in an extended version. (Published in Problèmes d'Amérique Latine)

Experiências de um governo

1988. A testimony to IUPERJ (Wanderley Guilherme dos Santos) on the authors experience as Finance Minister of Brazil. Available in French, and also an extended and revised version.(Discussion paper, IUPERJ)

Plano de Controle Macroeconômico

1987. Macroeconomic Control Plan.

The 1987 Brazilian alternative proposal of foreign debt crisis restructuring

Paper (1987) Second draft of Brazil's proposal of securitization of the foreign debt of the highly indebted countries, which was rejected by the Secretary of the Treasury, James Baker, in September 1987, but turned into the 1989 Bady Plan which solved the Foreign Debt Crisis.

Pronunciamento lançando o Plano de Estabilização

Pronunciamento na Reunião do Conselho de Desenvolvimento Econômico. Junho 1987.

A política da segurança

Depoimento para a Comissão Teotônio Vilela (1986).

A escolha decisiva (Folha, 9.11.82)

1982 (Article: Folha de S. Paulo)

Restabelecer a lei da usura (Folha, 10.8.82)

1982 (Article: Folha de S. Paulo

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