Direitos republicanos e a captura 'legal' do Estado brasileiro

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Revista do Serviço Público, 69: 15-30, dição especial Repensando o Estado Brasileiro, dezembro 2018

Republican rights are the rights that every citizen has that the public patrimony is used for public purposes. They are a fourth type of citizenship right, after the civil rights, the political rights and the social rights. The capture of public patrimony is not limited to mere corruption; republican rights are often violated by legal means. Public privatizers may be rentiers who receive scandalously high interest from the state, may be high public officials who do not work or whose salaries and pensions are not commensurate with their work, may be individuals and companies who appropriate or harm the environment. In this article, I will list the main groups that capture the res publica in Brazil.

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