The new developmentalism as a Weberian ideal type

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

In Mario Damill, Martín Rapetti and Guillermo Rozenwurcel, eds. (2015) Macroeconomics and Development: Roberto Frenkel and the Economics of Latin America.New York: Columbia University Press: 373-383. Paper in honor of Roberto Frenkel, in his 70 years Festrisch. Originalmente, Texto para Discussão EESP/FGV n. 319, outubro 2012).

New developmentalism and its structuralist development macroeconomics is theory/strategy, here compared with old developmentalism and liberal orthodoxy. I also said in this paper that it was an ideal type in the Weberian sense and an institution, but this is a mistake. Historically existing developmentalisms may receive names and be viewed as ideal types; not a theory.

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