The Political Construction of Brazil

2017. An encompassing analysis of Brazil’s society, economy and politics since the Independence. A national-dependent interpretation. Three historical cycles of the relation state-society: State and Territorial Integration Cycle (1822-1929), Nation and Development Cycle (1930-1977) and Democracy and Social Justice Cycle (1977-2010). Crisis since then. (Book: Lynne Rienner Publishers)

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Macroeconomia Desenvolvimentista

2016. With José Luis Oreiro e Nelson Marconi. Our more complete analysis of Developmental Macroeconomics – the central economic theory within New Developmentalism. (book)

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Os pactos políticos possíveis depois da redemocratização

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Em Pactos Políticos: do populismo à redemocratização. São Paulo: Editora Brasiliense, 1985: 194-213.

With the transiction to democracy and the election of Tancredo Neves the possibility of a populist political pact is excluded. The alternatives after democratization are a conservative pact based on the great bourgeoisie, or a progressive one based on the middle classes.(Paper written before Tancredo Neves fell ill and died)


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